Season 1

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Season 1

Post by Garrett on Wed Jun 21, 2017 12:36 pm

Chart Link:

Brooke: Female. Mid 20s. She's a very nice hippie-esque girl. She's all about nature and is very soft-hearted.
Ian: Male. Early 30s. The guy who wants to be on the show for survival reasons only. He wants to rough it outdoors and ignore the game completely.
Jasper: Male. Early 40s. The smart, leader-like figure who is level-headed and trustworthy.
Monica: Female. Mid 30s. She's a very sweet lady. She's very empathetic and gets emotional easily. She wants to play the game to prove she's tough.
Riley: Male. Late 20s. The comic relief. He's very snarky and bitchy and will likely provide great soundbites.
Robin: Female. Early 20s. Cute and bubbly. She's there to fill the bikini babe archetype.
Shane: Male. Mid 20s. He's an athletic guy. He's very smart too and loves the idea of the game. Generic & cute.
Sheena: Female. Mid 20s. Loud and vivacious. Rude and spiteful. She's trying so hard to be a punk rock chick.
Adrian: Male. Mid 40s. Devious and dreams of being a cutthroat-type player. Doesn't plan on making friends.
Dan: Male. Mid 50s. The kooky guy who says inane things and has no social awareness.
Jon: Male. Late 20s. A nice guy who is laidback and plans to use his social abilities to win the game.
Mallory: Female. Mid 20s. Was a teen mom and doing it for her kid at home. Very easily angered and quick to start an argument.
Marie: Female. Mid 60s. She's the seemingly sweet grandmother who is secretly sociopathic.
Sven: Male. Early 20s. The young male model who is there for his body and his body alone. He's very sweet though. He's the type that everything he says makes you go "Oh, honey" and pat him on the back.
Tara: Female. Mid 30s. A rough and tough bitch who is outdoorsy and loves to be in control.
Vicky: Female. Early 30s. She's the fierce bitch who is like an attorney or something intense. She's slightly unhinged and way too intense.

Confessional Chart:

Episode 1:
Shane (Conf): I have no idea why I was chosen. I feel like I'm a pretty strong asset to the team. I'm pretty pissed.
Mallory (Conf): These motherfuckers are asking for trouble messing with me.
Shane (Conf): That should teach them not to make hasty decisions. When our first tribal comes around, I know I'll be safe.
Mallory (Conf): I'm not looking for no idol. I don't care about no hide'n'seek. I want to build a shelter and show these assholes they were wrong!
Ian (Conf): I'm a little annoyed that I've been grouped into a stupid alliance or voting bloc, whatever. Shane pulled me, Sheena and Robin all together into one of those dumb things.
Riley (Conf): Oh girl, this is some bullshit. I got a hippie, a weepy woman and a bossy old prick in my alliance. What kind of fucked up karma is this?
Jon (Conf): So, I've formed a close bond with Dan by just listening to him, Marie by appealing to her sociopathic tendencies and Sven by just smiling at him. Now, we're a ragtag grouping.
Tara (Conf): Adrian just loves to be in control and he already has Vicky in cahoots with him and now they are lumping me with they're shit. Great start.
Jon (Conf): I know Vicky is trying to keep her emotions under wraps but I'm doing my best to work my way in and make her trust me. I need all the options I can get in this game.
Jon (Conf): I didn't think it was wise to vote for the person who was the "swing vote" because that forces them to vote with the opposition. I'm glad I was their vote so I didn't have to draw a rock.
Mallory (Conf): I was pissed I got votes from the other side. Those motherfuckers will pay!
Vicky (Conf): I'm heartbroken to be leaving this way. I am out because of a colored rock. How fucked up is that?

Episode 2:
Mallory (Conf): I'm so annoyed that I got sent to exile. These bitches are trying me. I chose Monica because she seems like a neat lady.
Monica (Conf): *knowing smirk*
Mallory (Conf): I thought about mutinying but I almost want to find that damn idol and then use it and take down those assholes who voted for me!
Sven (Conf): I was so confused when Mallory shared with me that poem. I was wondering why the hell she's reading me poetry in a time like this? We're like surviving. Duh!
Jon (Conf): I was thrilled the other side decided to vote out Mallory with my alliance.
Mallory (Conf): I'm so fucking pissed right now. I didn't find the idol. I didn't get my revenge and I could've prevented this by switching tribes. I'm disappointed with myself.

Episode 3:
Jasper (Conf): I chose Marie because she seems sweet and innocent and easy to manipulate.
Marie (Conf): I'm glad that little bitch chose me because I'll chew him up and spit him out. *spits*
Jasper (Conf): I almost mutinied but then I thought...why would I leave a winning team that I'm easily manipulating for some loser ass team? Hell no.
Tara (Conf): It's crazy what happens to team unity when you lose a crazy, spiteful bitch.
Jasper (Conf): I shared the clue with Brooke because I know she's too dumb to find it and I wanted to build trust with her.
Brooke (Conf): Finding the idol was so awesome. I'm so in tune with nature that it almost felt like the tree was calling to me and telling me it had the idol in it. It was amazing!
Sheena (Conf): I didn't realize the outdoors and surviving would take such a toll on me. I'm so sick of everyone and I don't want to talk to any of these bitches...
Jon (Conf): Been listening to Dan's stories and making it seem like I'm really listening to him and it seems to be working.
Dan (Conf): Jon is my best friend. He's like the peanut butter to my apple sauce!
Shane (Conf): I'm so happy I had that idol to play because if I hadn't, I think I would've been the one voted out instead of Robin. Now, it's me and Ian against the world.
Sheena (Conf): I voted against my original group because I don't care about anyone and didn't want to draw rocks.

Episode 4:
Tara (Conf): I chose Sheena because she looks like someone I could bond with and create a cross-tribe alliance with.
Sheena (Conf): I hate my tribe and I actually like Tara so I'm switching teams. I feel like I'll be happier and more myself on Timbira.
Tara (Conf): Damn. I didn't know I had it in me to actually convince her to switch tribes. I'm good!
Shane (Conf): All I can say is...good riddance Sheena. She switched sides and took out Robin and then switched tribes. I hope they vote her out tonight.
Riley (Conf): This bitch was easy to crack. All I had to was talk about the camplife book we were all given in preparation and he about had a stroke in joy.
Sheena (Conf): I shared with Dan to form a friendship with him but I did find it myself so if I need to use it tonight I will.
Dan (Conf): Sheena was waving this paper at me and I was just like what in the name of Shania Twain is this harlot doing?
Jon (Conf): Another close vote. Wayyyy too close. It appears Tara and Sheena were closer to each other than she was to Dan. Oh well. It's disappointing but I'm glad to be in the game still.
Sheena (Conf): Well I picked a side and it was the wrong choice but I still have this handy dandy idol so I wouldn't count me out just yet.
Adrian (Conf): How the hell did this happen? I was supposed to dominate this game and be the best player ever to play.

Episode 5:
Ian (Conf): I picked Sheena since I already knew her. I don't like having to meet new people because I don't know what to say. Much easier to talk to trees.
Sheena (Conf): I was a little annoyed to be taken to exile because I still have bonds to make in this tribe and I need to worm my way into the majority and I cant do that watching Ian fuck a bush on exile!
Sheena (Conf): I feel like I'm on the wrong side of the numbers on Timbira, as much as I hate to leave Tara behind, I'm going to go back to Jalapao and hope that their idol is in the same spot and then I'll have two!
Tara (Conf): I'm glad to be able to skip tribal but I do worry about Sheena. I hope she's safe over there.
Sheena (Conf): I shared the clue with Jasper because I know he's in the majority and I know he could put in a good word to keep me safe.
Jasper (Conf): The clue sharing reeked of desperation and I did not fall for it.
Jon (Conf): The destruction of my alliance happened so quickly and yet it I feel like it's been brewing for a while now. Dan finally said something offensive enough about Marie and she flipped out. Now, Sven is confused and said he will vote on merit and Dan says he won't vote the same as Marie. It's a mess.
Marie (Conf): Dan said I had a "rotted cunt" and at that point I was done. I'm pretty sure this whole shtick of his is just that and he knows exactly what he's saying and doing.
Tara (Conf): Oh I'm fucking thrilled. With the destruction of that alliance, that's my in. I could just make the merge after all!
Sheena (Conf): Once again, I pick a side and I fucked up. I hate every fucking thing about my life. Ugh.
Riley (Conf): Ooooh child. We took that bitch right out of this game. He was de-va-sta-ted.
Shane (Conf): I'm really sad that my game ends here. I feel like I could've done more to save myself but I was just too complacent and didn't try hard enough to shake things up. It is what it is.

Episode 6:
Jasper (Conf): I'm taking Marie again because I want a second shot to ruin her psyche.
Marie (Conf): Oh he wants a round two? I'm going to mindfuck him.
Marie (Conf): This is what he gets for acting high and mighty. I mindfucked him into mutinying. I'm going to take pleasure in voting his ass out.
Jasper (Conf): Marie thinks that I can't take her out in her own tribe. Well, we'll just see about that.
Marie (Conf): I'm so pissed that we won immunity. I had him right where I wanted him.
Sheena (Conf): I want these bastards to vote for me. I want to play that idol. These people are assholes.
Jon (Conf): Jasper comes into our camp and starts looking obviously for the idol. He is such a little bitch I swear. Marie was right about him when she was talking all that smack. He can fuck off.
Marie (Conf): Jasper comes over here and starts being an obvious asshole. It's amazing. I can't wait to see his torch snuffed.
Monica (Conf): That was such a neat move. Monica was really, really impressed.
Riley (Conf): You better believe my mouth was on the floor. That bitch is tacky looking 24/7 and has an awful personality but bitch knows how to play an idol.
Sheena (Conf): All that bullshit from before. It's all worth it now.
Ian (Conf): I'm sad that I won't be lasting all 39 days out here in the wilderness. I know I could do it.

Episode 7:
Sven (Conf): I had so much fun on that pole! I felt really comfortable there. Gripping on that strong, long, rod-like thing. I didn't want to get off.
Monica (Conf): I'm so distraught. Jasper has turned to the dark side. I'm just out here trying to do what's best for Monica and no one else cares about ME.
Riley (Conf): Shit. Monica is gone. That was my main bitch right there. Now, Jasper is fully on the other side. I have Sheena and Brooke left on my side. The two most worthless bitches here. I'm so annoyed.
Sheena (Conf): I'm really upset about the way the vote went down. I really wanted to be on the right side of the numbers and now I feel like I betrayed Tara by the way I voted.
Brooke (Conf): I feel okay because I still have that secret idol no one knows about and I'm going to use it to my advantage.
Jon (Conf): This was a perfect merge vote. It's always good to be on the right side of the numbers at the start of the merge.
Monica (Conf): In the end, no one cared to know or align with a neat lady. They just weren't ready for me.

Episode 8:
Sven (Conf): I had so much fun at the exile thingy. I got to just lay in the sun and get a tan. Why did I never know about this place *he pouts*
Marie (Conf): White water rafting was so much fucking fun! I had the urge to push Tara and Dan into the rapids but I restrained myself because I'm on TV.
Dan (Conf): I'm always a climbin' and having fun. I was quicker than my ass going down a water slide full of caramel sauce. LIKE RAIN BITCHES.
Brooke (Conf): I thought Jasper was going home. Marie told me he was! I'm so upset.
Jon (Conf): Marie told me that she noticed Brooke being secretive about something in her bag and I just knew it was the idol. So I told her to tell Brooke that Jasper was going home so she would use it on him and we could flush out the idol and take out someone from the other side.
Jasper (Conf): Wow. I can't believe Brooke played the idol on me. It almost makes me feel bad about flipping and not being on the same side as her.
Riley (Conf): I'm happy to be out of there because I was surrounded by dumbasses. Anyone could've seen that my ass was getting voted out. So, why the fuck didn't she play it on and instead played it on the person who betrayed us? Because she's a fucking idiot, that's why. Fuck. This. Shit. Peace out.

Episode 9:
Tara (Conf): I'm not thrilled about being sent to exile when Brooke could've been sent instead.
Jasper (Conf): I thought we should've sent Jon since he would've gotten the strategic purpose but Sven chose Tara because he thought she was would love the "cool place"
Sven (Conf): I kinda wanted to go back but that river cruise was pretty cool too. At least Tara got to enjoy it.
Brooke (Conf): I was pretty annoyed that I needed to win immunity and it was a crapshoot and especially mad that Dan won. He is so hateful.
Jasper (Conf): Finding that idol was euphoric. I'm ready to make a big move and shake this game up. I'm not here to place sixth.
Sven (Conf): Tara got super mad at me and thought I was being rude when I asked her if she had fun at exile. I was really hurt by her talking bad about exile. It's my special place and she is so MEAN.
Jon (Conf): Voting out Sheena was just a necessary evil. She was much more game-savvy than Brooke so we had to vote her out.
Tara (Conf): I was heartbroken when I voted for Sheena. But, she chose the wrong side and I couldn't save her. *she tears up* It's gonna be hard without her.
Brooke (Conf): I'm happy to still be here but I know my days are numbered unless something big happens.
Sheena (Conf): I'm upset but I feel like I played my heart out. I definitely played the game hard and made it interesting for awhile there. I'm glad that I left my mark on this season.

Episode 10:
Sven (Conf): I was so happy to get sent back to my special place. Dan is such a good friend to me. *tears up*
Jon (Conf): I always get a little weary when people have to choose who goes on reward. I think everyone knows Dan had no strategic thought in his choices and he just chose who he liked the best but that still worries me. I don't want a final 3 rumor to be spread.
Jasper (Conf): It's getting a little concerning how good Dan is at this stupid little carnival games.
Brooke (Conf): I tried every single crack possible. Tried to make Marie mad at Dan. Tried to convince Jasper to use the idol I know he has. Tried to convince Sven to do *anything*. I don't think any of it worked but you can't say I didn't go out swinging.
Marie (Conf): Brooke was a smart cookie after all. She really did try but unfortunately her willingness to play the game did her in.
Jon (Conf): Brooke leaving means that the six of us who banded together at the merge now have to turn on each other. This is where the game will get interesting.
Brooke (Conf): Of course I'm bummed because I know that I made a huge blunder with my idol and I know that I could've done so much more playing out here but I tried my best and I genuinely enjoyed the experience. I'm happy with how far I made it.

Episode 11:
Jasper (Conf): I am tired of us sending Sven and playing into his bullshit. I'm not here to make friends.
Sven (Conf): Jasper is a jerk and I'm sick of him.
Tara (Conf): Seriously? I obviously don't like exile. Sven does. Why send me? I think Jasper is looking to make enemies out here and he's succeeding.
Jasper (Conf): I am the smartest person here. Of course I won immunity.
Jon (Conf): It's so frustrating that he won because no one here likes him.
Marie (Conf): No one is confident in the bonds they've made so far. It's becoming more cutthroat by the minute and I am loving every second.
Jon (Conf): I was legitimately sad to vote for Sven. That's how much of a jury threat he was. Though it made me feel less guilty when I saw he voted for me. How rude!
Sven (Conf): I am sad that I'm out. I really wanted to go back to my special place but now I have to go with the other losers. *sighs deeply*

Episode 12:
Tara (Conf): I sent Jasper to exile as a fuck you right to his face.
Jon (Conf): I'm concerned that everyone taking me on rewards is making me seem like a jury threat. Though, I'm not sure half of the people left are actually thinking of those things.
Marie (Conf): The pain felt really good to me. I was feeling every bone almost snap. *shivers in ecstasy*
Tara (Conf): I'm trying to be really helpful around camp and do most of the work so everyone wants to keep me around.
Jasper (Conf): I voted out Dan because I felt like this was the only opportunity to do it because he is really good at the challenges.
Jon (Conf): My heart just about stopped. I thought my game was done. Then it was revealed Jasper voted out Dan?! What the hell? I mean his loss is my gain I guess.
Marie (Conf): Jasper is a fucking idiot. What a lovely day to laugh in someone's face.
Dan (Conf): Well my torch was snuffed and now I'm gone. Turns out my big facade didn't get me to the end. I had this big speech played where I'd speak eloquently and blow the jury away. Oh well. I guess I'll go back to what you think is normal of me. BANANA FUCKNUT CHERRY CUNT

Episode 13:
Jon (Conf): Thrilled to have immunity. It's always nice to have that little extra assurance that you won't be going home.
Marie (Conf): I felt the urge to punch Jasper today but I knew I'd be expelled. I felt like someone was disappointed I didn't do it. Weird.
Jon (Conf): I thought Jasper was a bigger strategic threat than he really was. But, him voting out Dan proved to me that he isn't what he's cracked up to be. So, voting out Tara seemed like the better option. Especially since she's been being really nice to everyone the day they were being voted out.
Tara (Conf): I'm disappointed but I feel like I played the only way I knew how. I think I could've been a little more abrasive like in my real life but this game just isn't the place for it.
Jasper (Conf): Thrilled to have this necklace today. I'm definitely going to be in the finals and I get to pick who makes it there with me.
Jon (Conf): Either I made a really big error last tribal or I prove myself right. I really, really, really hope I was right.
Jon (Conf): Really sad to go out so close to the end. I think that up until the Final 4 I played a really good game. I made one error and lost a challenge I needed to win. That's all it takes.


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